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Quotes to live (and build brands) by

As we build brands for The New World ... a world that demands that we respect our own being and short beautiful lives, respect each other and show deep love, and respect the planet ...

Sachiko Soro of Vou Dance Fiji!

Little Lunch with Mountain Movers! Meet Sachiko Soro of Vou Dance Fiji !!!Today it is my ABSOLUTE pleasure to share with you my chat with the phenomenal Sachiko Soro. Sachiko ...

Piera Ceresa of Aymara Textiles!

Little Lunch with Mountain Movers! Meet Piera Ceresa of Aymara Textiles !!!Today we chat with the AMAZING @pieraceresa of @aymaratextil as she tells us about her work building ...

Kristy Drutman of Brown Girl Green !

Little Lunch with Mountain Movers! Today we spoke with the wonderful Kristy Drutman of @browngirl_green about all things changemaking, getting started and what the world of working ...

Welcome to Little Mountains

Hello friends!Welcome to our new home among the hills! This is a safe place for the dreamers & doers. A place where great intentions & conscious actions can create ...

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